OPEX| Hotel Online Registery

Guest Comments

Record guest comments and suggestions. Categorize and summarize them. Record action to be taken and results.


Create different purpose surveys for guests.Send them via e-mail or on guest app. Evaluate their satisfaction.


Record guest requests. Never forget them whichever hotel of yours they go.


Restaurant tables and menus can be defined, occupancy can be tracked. Make other reservations such as tennis court, pavilion.


Create daily activities and make reservation for them.

CRM Cards

Opex creates guest cards for you to access information such as reservation details, complains and requests on one screen.

Central CRM

OPEX collects guest data in one platform enabling chain hotels know guests whichever hotel they might stay.

Send E-mails

Send content of your choice to the guests. Provide an easy and fast environment for guests to fill surveys, send their feedback to you.

PMS Integration

With PMS integration tasks related to VIP's, honeymoon setups and guest requests can be tracked in OPEX.

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Online Surveys

Online Comments

PMS Integration

Central CRM

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